Christopher Shawn Shaw on location


NCSFF Founder and Award-winning Filmmaker Christopher Shawn Shaw of Anchor Productions, LLC is partnering with other Christian producers and Christian comedians to FUNdraise for more productions of high-quality, redemptive film content… and blessing the hosting fellowships in the process!

Download details here. [pdf]

Rotation of NCSFF Comics


Comedian/Impressionist Scott Wood (aka Mr. Punchline)

A full-time comedian since 1989, Scott Wood’s rapid-fire comedic delivery and arsenal of well over 300 celebrity and animated impressions are a hilarious delight.

Scott Wood


Comedian/Ventriloquist David Pendleton

David learned the art of ventriloquism as a child, and has gone on for decades to enamor and engage audiences across the globe with his diverse cast of characters. Their interactions with audiences is a blast!

David Pendleton


Pastor/Comedian/Writer Thor Ramsey

After over two decades of full-time stand-up comedy, Thor is now a full-time pastor at Center Church in Southern California, performing stand-up only part-time. He was the energetic host of the BANANAS Comedy TV show, and a staple performer in four of the THOU SHALT LAUGH series of DVDs.

Thor Ramsey


Comedian/Youth Pastor/International Speaker Jason Earls

Jason has traveled the globe with his stand-up comedy and inspirational speaking, with a clear gospel call to be a light in the darkness… utilizing his God-given, funny personality. He is passionate about being exactly who God created him to be… and sharing and encouraging others to be who God created them to be as well.

Jason Earls


Comedian Leland Klassen

Nobody’s perfect, but Leland is not even close. Born with enormous hands and an equally big sense of humour, Leland takes you on an incredible comedic journey through his life’s ups and downs. A comedy veteran who’s done all the big comedy festivals and has all the big television credits…in Canada (so we’re not sure that counts). All it takes is one live Leland Klassen show and you’re sure to become an instant fan.

Leland Klassen

Now booking shows for late 2018 and beyond!


More information available via PDF download here.